Clean Monorail Cranes
If you only need the goods to move in one direction X axis and up and down, then the clean monorail crane is the ideal choice for you.
We can design and manufacture crane girders into various shapes according to different needs of customers, such as straight line, curved and even circular monorail cranes.

Product Advantages

The clean monorail crane can not only move in two directions in the horizontal plane, but also lift heavy objects in the vertical direction. It is an efficient, safe and reliable lifting equipment.

Its working principle is simple, easy to operate, and can meet the handling needs of different fields. Commonly utilized on production floors, assembly lines and many other workplaces, they are ideal for increasing the efficiency of various processes and applications.

The safe working load (S.W.L) ranges from 500kg to 5000kg, and the clean room class is Class100, 1000, 10000 and 100000.

Clean monorail crane parameter table

Lifting capacity:

0.5T ~5T

trolley speed:

0.4m/min~4m/min(according to demand)

lifting speed:

0.5m/min~5m/min(according to demand)

control method:

frequency control


according to demand

special design:

according to demand

*For more parameters and requirements, please contact us.

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